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Why Calibrate Sound?

It just doesn't sound right!

In order to set up a sound system properly there are many factors that need to be taken into account. You will usually have multiple speakers to find a place for, a big box of a subwoofer, a room full of furniture and at the end of the day it's your home.


You take the supplied mic. , plug it in, hit the auto set up and hope for the best when you switch it on.

Does this sound familiar?

Chances are the centre speaker volume will end up too low so voices will be not loud enough but compensate by raising the midrange making the sound harsh, the rear speakers will be too loud and the bass from your subwoofer will dominate.


These auto set systems quite simply make too many assuptions that lead to compression of dynamics, a flat soundstage stifling high frequencies making all the subtle detail to be lost in a muffled mess as the frequency response will have become unballanced.


Correct configeration of a multichannel sound system is much harder than the manufacturers want you to believe.

We can unleash all that potential.

Star Trek - Bass dominated
00:00 / 00:00
Star Trek - Excessive midrange
00:00 / 00:00
Star Trek - Correct presentation
00:00 / 00:00

Unlike pictures, it's harder with sound to demonstrate a poorly configured system without being in the room.



The three sound clips on the left have been created with some tonal adjustment so you have the sort of thing you tend to hear with these poor auto set up systems.


Read more detail and hear further demonstrations




Bass dominated


Excessive bass has a huge impact on clarity. Low bass will overpower treble sound meaning that you'll find it harder to hear the upper frequencies of voices. It will also strongly reduce the sound stage width and depth. Sound effects will not have the impact that was intended and you just end up with a heavy, flat and muddy presentation.


Excessive midrange


Incorrectly set equalisers will take out the tonal characteristics that your speakers should have. The sound that you originally brought your speakers to create. Auto set up systems try to achive what is known as a flat response for the room and make many general assumptions during this set up.


Your speakers are designed to interact with your room, not act as they would if they were placed in an anechoic chamber. These auto systems tend to increase the midrange frequencies to try to lift voice dialogue volume, as during the setup they get the volume levels wrong and compensate by lifting the frequency range where voices are. This tonal balance quickly becomes fatiguing.

Correct presentation


With multiple speaker channels it's vital that each channel level is correct and the tonal presentation is critical in order to hear what is going on in a cohesive and comfortable way.


Your concious mind becomes aware of the sound because it is wrong. With a presentation that is balanced and you don't have to work at to hear, you will simply engage with the content.


There are three different levels of sound calibration, the most basic is usually enough to put a smile on your face.  Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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