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Advice & consultancy service

Our independant advice service

A new unique service to help you choose the right TV or sound system. And if you’ve already bought your equipment, we are experts in display and sound calibration for maximum performance from your home cinema installation.

With 40 years experience as well as extensive knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s technology market, we are ideally placed to help.

Consider this: It takes us an average of 22 minutes to decide to buy a house, but 3 hours 37 minutes to choose a TV!

With such a wide range, and changing technology, it’s no wonder it’s so difficult to choose. Magazines and online sites can be just as confusing and often are.

Display calibration

Why calibrate a display?

Your new modern TV set does everything; right? It’s smart. Shame it doesn’t show real world pictures when you get it home though.


Your new set is forced by the manufacturers’ to look as bright and garish as possible so it stands out amongst the competition in a overlit showroom. It will also have a blue cast to the picture again to make it appear brighter than it really is.


In the real world, grass does not look radio-active as some sets show here in a showroom.


What you’re seeing is artificially sharp pictures designed to draw you towards a set. This bright the sets will be amplifying noise and reducing clarity and detail. You know something is not quite right and can't put your finger on it. Right!

Sound calibration

Why calibrate sound?

Today, just as much effort and budget goes into soundtracks.


Together with mood created by the images, the director’s intention is to pull you into the experience: to make you jump, sitting on the edge of your seat, hiding behind your hands, your jaw hitting the floor, the hair on the back of your neck standing on end and even the strongest among you welling up with tears.That is, if your sound system is correctly aligned and configured.


Get something as simple as the speaker volume levels wrong and the result will be a flat muddy mess with bass dominating, drowning out the dialogue by creating boomy voices along with a loss of fine high-frequency detail.

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