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Display And Sound Calibration

Founded by Steve Kemp, renowned AV expert with more than 30 years experience in the AV industry and retail.


Steve has extensive knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s technology market, and being truly independent makes him the ideal person to help.


As Display and Sound Calibration has no manufacturers, sponsors or dealers to answer to, we are proud to provide a truly free and independant pre purchase advice service.


If it is home cinema consultancy, project management or the final finishing calibration of your home cinema equipment to ISF/THX & HAA industry standards, you will find that we will work with you with integrity treating your requirements and system as if it was our own.

We test and use many types of equipment and componants and have extensive experience and knowledge of products that work well together and that are likely to compliment your requirments.

Steve is now one of a handfull of ISF instructors worldwide. There are no exams for this role, it is gained by experience, knowledge and of good communication skills.

You will find Steve’s experienced and respected advice online around the world on many technical forums.


Just search for posts by Bumtious.

Why unique...?


We support display manufacturers and work with them to constantly improve these new evolving and developing systems. We are the ones testing and developing the workflows.

Here at Display And Sound Calibration we have worked calibrating every display technology over the last 40 years from CRT, plasma, LCD (LED is LCD) to the latest Oled and projector technology, as well as the latest highly technical and complex video and audio processors.


Combining all that know how means we are highly experienced to provide the results you are looking for.

We would like to bring this level of expertise and service to your home cinema.

The look on the face of an owner once we have completed their calibration is the best part of the process. Your passion is our passion and we understand that.

Call us now on 07540 691636 to chat through & book your calibration.

As the director intended-

It's all about the emotional experience.

About us

Professional Studio Grading Suites

Your Home TV, Projector Or Home Cinema Sound System

CV and clients

During his career, Steve has held various management roles for many electrical retailers both large and small. He has designed and set up many night club sound systems as well as spending many years sound mixing for live bands.


Today as well as addition to providing calibration services directly to private clients, Steve provides calibration and consultancy services to many retailers and companies:


Currys/PCWorld, John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Loewe Galarie in Manchester and Harrods of London

LG, Loewe, Tower Of London, Rockstar Games North,

Star Wars 25th Anniversary Exhibition and Virgin Media (Playout monitors and compression demo suite),

Calibration of grading suites for various video production companies.

  • ISF Instructor (Imaging Science Foundation)

  • ISF Level 3 Certified to include new and latest HDR and Dolby Vision calibration methods

  • HAA Certified (Home Audio Alliance)

  • Steve is the only ISF instructor and Level 3 calibrator in the UK

  • Over 30 years experience

  • Steve is known as “Bumtious” on forums around the world

Contact us

Call 07540 691636 to discuss your calibration

Or send us a message using the contact form below

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