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Purchase advice & project consutancy services

Call: 07540 691636

Our independant advice service is based on years knowledge and experience

Display And Sound Calibration are independent. That means we simply help you choose the equipment that’s right for you. Being independent we don’t sell any products directly, and we don’t have any deals with sponsors or advertisers.


With over 40 years’ experience in the business, we understand the market, the technology and our customers. That means you.

We’re here to help you make an informed decision so that when you sit back to watch that film you know everything is just right.

We love to chat and are here to help whether it’s about choosing a TV or sound system, setting up your system or calibration.


So pick up the phone and give us a call, Get in touch by sending us an email, use the live chat or better still pick up the phone and have a proper chat with experts who will take the pain, frustration away in no time at all. Call: 07540 691636

How we like to work? The phone is great, its good to talk

We find a phone call is the best way to start. Answering one question usually leads to others and you just end up playing email tennis.

Chatting things through will save a lot of time and frustration, as we’ll put you on the right track from the start. Not only that its much easier to have a dynamic collaborative conversation with a fellow enthusiast.


Of course you can send us an e-mail or pose a question on our forum which will be answered. For example, if you’re choosing a new TV we’ll answer questions most retailers can’t, helping you to make a more informed choice.

If you’re thinking about buying an individual piece of new equipment, embarking on a full audio visual project, or you have issues with some existing kit, as independent and impartial experts, if you have questions we can help. Call: 07540 691636

I'm spending a fortune on my room - " I'll be in touch when it's done"!!!

We hear this a lot, we also then come across poorly placed subwoofers, wrong cables plastered into walls, not enough mains sockets and even worse, in the wrong place. Most people don't give

Cables capable of passing the latest high resolution signals is a minefield, beware, just becuase it has a label in the front stating the cable is certified is no guarentee that it really is. There are some unscrupulous people out there!

We really are are here to help, cables do not need to cost a fortune. They do need to work and the situation is getting more complex as more data is passed down these cables. Many 4K cables struggle, and we're going 8K and high frame rate so cables are really going to need to do the job.

We really do come across cable issues every single day, so much so that we carry cables on our travels.

This is one area alone where chatting things through on the phone really can prevent a lot of heartache and expensive oversights.

We are here to help with your project and and can help and guide you through the whole project.

It really could be a very cost effective phone call. Call: 07540 691636

Final part of any installation. Getting the best from your home cinema.. Calibrate it!




If you already have audio or visual equipment then you can get one of the best upgrades you can make to any home cinema system calibrate your display, your sound system or both.

This is a typical before and after still of one of the out of box presets and a correctly calibrated image.

This is from a LG 65 C7 Oled TV, The image on the left is using the one of the most accurate presets, ISF dark room.

The image on the left has a red cast to it, skin tones are too magenta, there is a loss of defination in the faces, the suit is missing detail. The yellow and orange coloured patterns of the dress are blending rather than the obvious colour differences in the corrected image. Shadow detail is missing (crushed) as typically the greyscale and gamma settings are less than ideal.

The image on the right is the corrected image, there's more definition and depth as well of more detail in the darker parts of the image. Face and hair detail is more defined, skin tones are correct, colour is not being contaminated by incorrect greyscale.

As you look round our site, you’ll read more about how we can help you. The information, real pictures and sound clips we’ve featured will explain how we can help you get the best out of your home cinema equipment.

We look forward to chatting with all things home cinema by some means at some point, whether by phone, email or by instant chat.

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