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Why Calibrate a Display?

Today there are many ways to view TV programes and movies.


The experience and impact of the story you're viewing is very different depending on the devices you use to view it.

A smart phone and cheap in ear headphones is certainly convenient and gives us access to content in our pockets.


It's not going to have the same impact that a home cinema system will have.

Showroom Blues

TV manufacturers have learned from the washing powder market who use blue dye in the powder for "whiter than white" results.

Same with xenon car headlights. Xenon gas produce a bluish light, up to three times brighter than halogen headlights.

It's all a trick as our eyes perceive blue added to white as brighter. It isn't; and research tells the TV manufacturers that TV shoppers will stop and look at the brightest, vivid and most garish looking blue image. And that is precisely what happens in showrooms. Just because they are set this way in the showroom does not mean that it's the way they should be in your home.

Left this way it reduces picture quality, it does not make for comfortable viewing, and programme makers depise seeing their work in this way. They create the pictures with all manner of effects to tell a story and take you on a journey.

If the colour balance is wrong and the image is bright, you simply do not see what you are supposed to see.


Take this Philips 4K UHD tv, the plinth is real world white, the TV picture that you tend to be presented with is blue and is a trick that make your eyes think the display is brighter than it really is.


Calibration is the measurement of something against a known standard. There are standards that content providers work to. If the viewing device you are using is not set to these standards then you wont see even basic things as intended. All colours will not be as they should be.

The measurements below are from a client who like many leave their sets with the out of box settings. Before and after calibration.

The 1st before and greyscale charts show the extra blue energy.

The 2nd before and after colour checker show that this extra blue energy pull all colours towards the blue point.

The 3rd and 4th comparisons show the effect that has on real content.

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