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What our customers say

Paul Philpot - Brighton

Panasonic 60ZT65 Plasma

“Wow Wow Wow!!! I really thought that the ZT picture was superb before calibration. Now it is just sublime.


There is so much vibrancy in the colours which seem to pop out of the screen at you in a very natural way. I also feel that it handles motion more naturally and there is no doubt that there is more depth and detail in the picture.


Having spent a substantial 4 figure number to buy the TV the smaller 3 figure sum spent on the calibration is without doubt money very well spent. I cannot recommend calibration enough to ZT (and VT for that matter) owners. If you haven’t got it calibrated, you do not know what you are missing!!!


Finally a big shout out to Steve, aka Bumtious. Not only does Steve spend a lot of time getting the best from your TV in its environment but he takes the time to educate and explain set up to you, whilst ensuring that your TV is set up in a way that suits your personal preferences. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Tom Marsden - Manchester

Sony VPL VW520 Projector with Lumagen 4242 - Dec 16

When I first contacted Steve it was to get a second opinion to a recent purchase and a calibration service. I discussed my issues with Steve expressing some doubts as to the necessity of the Lumagen processor I had brought from and had set up by another calibrator. This investment seemed to be a huge let down and the Image on my Sony projector was better without the Lumagen so I had huge reservations that the picture quality from the projector could in fact be improved. Steve visited me to take a look at the installation and assured me that set up properly the Lumagen should indeed be a worthwhile addition to my system.


I have now had five evenings in which to look at the results of your efforts in calibrating my system. I can now report that I am absolutely delighted with the results and the picture quality is without doubt the best I have ever seen. Looking forward to your bringing the new interconnects.

Sony VPL VW760 Projector with Lumagen 4242 - May 18

LG 65C7 Oled TV

Since then Steve has worked with me on my system development and would like everyone to know the level of service and attention Steve has continued to provided to me.

Steve advised me and helped me upgrade my lounge TV from my trusty Pioneer 50" 5090 plasma Tv to the LG 65 C7. He kept me apprised of prices and literally called me up and said purchase right now. That saved me £300. The TV arrived and he litterally came that evening and helped me dismantal and set up the new set. 2 weeks later he calibrated it and the image is utterly breathtaking. Following that he advised, ordered collected and installed a LG SK8 soundbar to the TV and advised ordered and installed Philips Hue lighting behind the TV that further enhanced the image.

I then had an accident which meant I was unable to drive for 3 months.

It was during that period I decided I wanted to upgrade my projector. (August 2017 I had changed to a Sony 550 projector again with Steves help).


Again we discussed what would be a worthy upgrade and decided on the new Sony £15,000 laser projector. I was quite happy to spend the money (I'm kit hoarder) but Steve was not happy that I was hoarding good unused kit and quite simply negotiated a price that allowed me to trade in not 1 but 2 older projectors as well as an old Oppo blue ray player against a new one. AND on top of that he drove me down from Manchester to Luton and back to as I did not trust couriers with the value of kit involved.

I'm an audio and videophile and have been for years with servere upgradeitus. Since meeting Steve there's no one else I will turn to for advice or the set up and calibrate of my Kit as quite simply Steve is one of the most sincere open people I've encountered. (Even talked me out of one or 2 products).

You cannot go wrong Steve, his advice and his attention to customer satisfaction.

stephen Bishop - Maidenhead

Panasonic 65DX902 LCD

Steve (Bumtious) calibrated my 65" 902 earlier this week. I've never had a screen calibrated in the past - had various gens of the Kuro plasmas and the panny VTs and decided now was the time with the 902. Absolutely without question, it's money well spent.


If this makes sense, the difference is a subtle one but also a fairly major one - for me at least. The panel is now tracking a near darn perfect rec709 base which is what we need for correct rec20.20 expansion when it comes to 4K and HDR material. Post calibration I'm now seeing a detectable improvement across black levels, shadow detail, depth of field and skin tone/face detail, plus enhanced colour saturation across the range.


I'm not best placed to articulate the technical side of what was going on - but I will say I know he left hugely impressed by the final images we were able to achieve from Netflix, Bluray, Sky and HDR 4K material. The headroom for improvement over the AVFs settings that the 902 offers and that can be unlocked by an experienced calibrator imho, is well worth the cost.


One other thing that it really hammered home was just how much forum settings should not be taken as gospel or finite - they are better used as very broad guides, or as building blocks towards achieving ones perfect end result.

scott fraser - tyne & wear

LG EF55-960 Oled

Just thought I'd share my thoughts with you post calibration.

When I told Steve that I watched lots of skiing as I'm a big skier, you could see on my settings that I didn't like the yellow snow effect so accordingly had warm 1 set with a lot of blue! Post calibration and blue turned down but everything aligned, the snow looks far more natural having watched the World Cup skiing yesterday.


Now watching F1 for the first time on the TV and it is the most natural picture of F1 I've seen; feels like I'm there on both skiing and F1. Only thing sometimes that gets me a little is judder on some panning shots with motion off but it is very rare. Even my daughter commented and said she thought the picture was great and she rarely comments on such things. I have to say that last night I was watching the Ch5 HD sky feed about the HEMS service and one of the shots was just 'wow'. Best detail and natural colour I've seen on a sky source ever.


And Blu Ray including 3D is now just stunning. I had stopped buying them for a good few months because I couldn't see a massive difference on my old TVs but now... If I said I have bought about 10 Blu Rays in 2 weeks it says everything. Even bought Kill Bill after watching Steve's test of it. Jaw dropping! I love my TV.


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