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Pioneer home cinema amplifiers utilise the MCACC room correction system, while getting you started does not always get things right, and your system will almost certainly benefit from a manual calibration.

The day Pioneer exited the display market was a sad day for people who appreciated quality consumer displays. They were so good it took years for an alternative manufacturer to equal let alone exceed the quality of Pioneer plasma displays. Even today Pionner displays that are some 10 years old still can produce an image that only a few displays can equal when viewing 1080 HD SDR images and an ISF calibration will give your display a new lease of life.

Below are just some of Pionner's products. Don't worry if your product is not listed below there are years of possible products that could be listed, below are the current models.


Please get in touch discuss your calibration. Call 07540 691636

Pioneer SC-LX901 receiver

Pioneer SC-LX801 receiver

Pioneer SC-LX701 receiver

Pioneer VSX-LX503 receiver

Pioneer VSX-LX303 reciever

Pioneer PDP-KRP 600M/500M Plasma TV

Pionner PDP-KRP 600A/500M Plasma TV

Pionner PDP-LX5090/LX6090 Plasma TV

Pioneer PDP-LX508/608 Plasma TV

Pioneer PDP-LX428 Plasma TV

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