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JVC Projectors

JVC projectors calibrate well and are both ISF and THX certified. Options for a reference SDR settings .There are also independant settings for HDR.

The lists below are just some of JVCs projectors. Don't worry if your projector is not listed below there are years of possible products that could be listed, below are the current models.


Please get in touch discuss your calibration. Call 07540 691636

JVC DLA-XZ1 projector

JVC DLA-X9900BE projector

JVC DLA-X7900BE projector

JVC DLA-X7900WE projector

JVC DLA-X5900BE projector

JVC DLA-X5900WE projector

JVC DLA-X9500B projector

JVC DLA-X7500B projector

JVC DLA-X7500W projector

JVC DLA-X5500B projector

JVC DLA-X5500W projector

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