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Arcam amplifiers are in our opinion some of the best home cinema amplifiers currently on the market. What sets them appart is the low distortion presentation that results in superb dynamics that is achived with the correct setup and placement of speaker systems. They have arguably the one of the best room correction systems in Dirac that can be used to achive a remarkable level of performance for the price.

The lists below are just some of Arcam's products. Don't worry if your amplifier is not listed below there are years of possible products that could be listed, below are the current models.


Please get in touch discuss your calibration. Call 07540 691636

Arcam AV860 processor

Arcam AVR850 AV reciever

Arcam AVR550 AV reciever

Arcam AVR390 AV reciever

Arcam SR250 AV reciever

Arcam P429 power amplifier

Arcam P329 power amplifier

Arcam P49 power amplfiler

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