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Anthem home cinema amplifiers use Anthem's own ARC room correction system and is one of the best room correction systems built into home cinema amplifiers. It does a very decent job of automatically getting things right, however, when you are spending this level on your system, you will almost certainly benefit from a manual calibration.

Below are just some of Anthem's products. Don't worry if your product is not listed below there are years of possible products that could be listed, below are the current models.


Please get in touch discuss your calibration. Call 07540 691636

Anthem MRX 1120 receiver

Anthem MRX 720 receiver

Anthem MRX 520 receiver

Anthem D2V 3D processor

Anthem AVM 60 processor

Anthem P2 power amplifier

Anthem P3 power amplifier

Anthem MCA 525 power amplifier

Anthem MCA 325 power amplifier

Anthem M1 mono power amplifier

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