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Our services

We offer a unique service.


Why? It's because our expert and highly experienced calibrator, Steve "Bumtious" Kemp, is proud and privileged to be the UK's ISF instructor. That places us at the cutting edge and continuous access to the latest calibration techniques and developments for the new HDR platforms that are changing frequently.

ISF Certified Display Calibration

Your TV or projector expertly set up to show a dynamic image, better colour, more detail, more depth just as the director intended.

Advice and Consulting

Bespoke and independant advice service to help you choose your upgrades or new system as well as design and project management if required.

HAA Certified Sound Calibration

Your home cinema sound system professionally configured for a level of performance that automatic calibration systems usually don't achieve.

ISF Training

Our calibrator is a leading ISF instructor. We work with display manufacturing product managers, gaming and content creators, A/V installer and distributors right through to home cinema enthusiasts,

As the director intended - ​It's all about the emotional experience

We would like to offer this level of expertise and service for you and  your home cinema.

Your display or sound system performance is your passion. It's ours too as we love setting them up. We finish when you're smiling.

Call us now on 07540 691636 to chat through & book your calibration.

Why Calibrate?

When your TV is set up correctly you will see more in the image. It's the best upgrade you can make. It's the same with sound, correctly balanced the sound envelops you. (Hard to show you that)


Your new modern TV set does everything; right? It’s smart. It sets itself up! Today's TVs are harder to set up properly than they have ever been.


Your new set is forced by the manufacturers to look as bright and garish as possible so it stands out amongst the competition in a overlit showroom.


What you’re seeing is artificially sharp pictures designed to draw you towards a set in a crowded showroom. These bright settings will amplifying noise reducing clarity, completely skew the colour and flaten shadow and highlight detail.

These are actual pictures taken of one of the latest Sony Oled TV's (AF9) and this is typical of how a TV looks before and after an expert calibration from Display And Sound Calibration. This example clearly shows what happens.

Our Calibration Schedule

Covering the United Kingdom and Europe


With offices in Manchester and London, we are perfectly placed to easily cover the whole of the Great Britain and beyond. 

 We also calibrate TVs across Europe and have clients in Belgium, Spain, Holland and France. Anything is possible, so please call and discuss your requirements.


Click on the link below to see our schedule, then contact us to chat through and book your calibration.

All makes can be dealt with, for displays: Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sony, Loewe & Philips to name a few.

Complex video processors from DVDO, Darbee, Lumagen, eeColor 3D LUT box are all catered for.

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